Reed Diffuser Cassis & Fig

Cassis & Fig Reed Diffuser


Made in Great Britain

Our range of diffusers are hand poured and are eco-friendly, made from soya based renewable sources. Reed diffusers are a great alternative to lighting a candle and are a subtle way of fragrancing a room.

The Cassis & Fig Reed Diffuser has top notes of cassis, raspberry and sweet cherry, complimenting heart notes of raspberry leaf, fig and orris and finished with coconut, sandal and cedarwood

Our diffusers have a high performance fragrance diffusion across the entire length of the reeds with slow evaporation, enabling the diffuser to last longer with excellent scent throw.


150ml brown glass bottle with aluminium screw top lid


Remove the lid and place all 8 reeds allowing the fragrance to be infused.

Turn the reeds when required.

Do not allow the oil to come into contact with polished or painted surfaces.

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